Pop to It

plain and frosted!
All right, so it’s Monday, and already the day sucks and so does your week. There’s a bunch of crap on your desk that you didn’t leave there on Friday afternoon when you fled that dump masquerading as an office. Already you want to go home or at least hide in the file room, jam your face into a file, and scream like there’s no tomorrow. Because right now, you can barely figure out how you’re going to get through this day, let alone tomorrow. Shit’s hitting all kinds of fans, so you’re already knee-deep in a bunch of kaka.
Well, before you run off to the file room, or into the stairwell, or into the restroom, or wherever it is you go for momentary escape, and count to ten before exploding (P.S. don’t believe it — it doesn’t work!), take one of these. (That’s right. Take a whole box!) But you’ll have to eat it/them “raw”, unless there’s a toaster where you’re planning to hide.
Glad I could help.