A site for sore eyes!

“Ben”, a technician at my ISP with whom I just “chatted” in a “Live Chat” session about the problems I was having accessing my site after my hosting company upgraded its system, had no sense of humor.
He helped me with my problem, yes, in a calm and efficient manner, and suggested I do several things in order to test something or whatnot or whozit or blahblahblahblahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Well, after we tried some sort of “ping” thing, which Ben described to me was another way to “see” my site, I decided to see if I could actually PHYSICALLY see it. And lo and, yes, also, behold, I could. And do.
But he had no sense of humor about it. When I realized that I could see the actual site, I asked him if the “ping” did something, and asked, further, “Is it magic or what?” Ben still didn’t join in my unsuppressed glee.
I am “firstname” in the following exchange:

firstname: I am viewing it as we “speak”.
Ben: They probably just finished updating right now as we spoke.
firstname: Oh, they are playing a cruel joke. Well, thank you for your help anyway.
Ben: They probably didn’t know.

I wanted Ben to smile or something. Give me an exclamation point. Play. Congratulate me. Tell me that it wasn’t a cruel joke and to go out and celebrate by juggling three fiery bowling pins in Union Square. But he didn’t.
Boring. Boring boring Ben.
I hate when people don’t play along. Bah.