Broad Search

Google searches baffle me.
And no no no no no, I’m not talking about the usual shocking search strings, such as “Mom wore a cape” and “pictures of chocolaty hands” (what … you were expecting sexual references maybe?) I’m talking about this. As you can see, that search string yielded “about 76,500,000 results”, and this site came in at #2.
Now, I’m not so vain (oh shut up, and continue reading the sentence, all right?) that I think that people searching for the word “because” are looking for me. That’s not my point. The point is this: What exactly is someone looking for when they choose such a broad search term? Or are these the same people who look up the word “the” in the dictionary, just to see what it says?
At least when someone looks for “sleeveless+turtleneck+high+(collar+OR+neck)+(hot+OR+warm)” or “post-tonsillectomy voice change in adults”, you know that person knows what he wants.
When someone looks for “jodi” (I’m #3), I like to think he is looking for this Jodi, a/k/a ME (yes, I am that vain) and not some generic lower-case variety. (P.S. to the person looking for “public speaking Jodi”: You’ll find it at Toys R Us, just to the left of Malibu Barbie.)
But really. I have had so many people visit this site via a search for “because”. Are they looking for some sort of higher truth? And do you think they are elated when they find that they have, at long last, finally found it, here on “Because I Say So”?