Date Fate

Something surely unnerved you today, right? Something was unceremoniously plopped on your desk with an admonition to get it done “ASAP” and then you spilled coffee all over it and all of the vital stuff was smeared into oblivion. You stepped on a banana peel with one foot and a rollerskate with the other and fell pell-mell down a flight of stairs, your poor keppie bouncing on each step along the way. Acch. One thing led to another, a la the game “Mousetrap”, and here you are, wondering why why why. Why today, of all days, does everything have to go so abysmally wrong!?
What is this? you’ve been asking yourself all day. Why does everything just suck???
Well, cheer up. You can just blame it all on Friday the 13th. Yes! Even I — someone who prides herself on being a rather sharp whippersnapper — just realized it!. You’d think I would have done so sooner, though — somewhere in between the big black safe falling on my head and the washing machine suds overflowing. (When brave safety monitor Bobby Brady magically appeared in his white undies, though, that was certainly a treat!) But no.
So tell me. What bad bad bad thing(s) happened to you today that you would sooner blame on the calendar and suspicion than on the whimsy of real life?
I promise I won’t laugh. Remember? I’m the one who asked the ol’ umbrella question back in May. OK? (For the so-called record, I inadvertently deleted the comments to that post a while ago. In case you care. Which you probably don’t.)