Reason #91102 …


… why I am with him and not anyone else … and why tonight when he comes home from work I will run to the door with the dog and the cat (both pictured here!) and greet him rather than stay back in my little office and chat with someone else on an Instant Message as I take him a bit for granted, forgetting that at least four times a week he sets aside everything else he’s doing to send me his hilariously child-like drawings that move me to tears and laughter simultaneously, when he certainly has better things to do — just to make my day. And he does.
A mouthful, yes. I left myself breathless. And so did this drawing, which he sent to me this morning.
In case you’re wondering what this even is, it’s Taxi and Shana (dog and cat, respectively), saying they “reember” (yes, it’s ridiculous, misspelled pet-speak! shut up! you know you do it too!) September 11. That’s a stars and stripes bandana on Taxi’s head and a police dog badge on his collar. Those are tears on his face. They are both holding flags above their heads and their paws over their hearts. And yes, those are wings on and halos above the Twin Towers.
I didn’t cry at all today until I saw this.
I think I may when he comes through the door tonight.