Buon Giorno!

Yes, at long last, it’s here. Friday. You need something more than just the pedestrian cup of coffee. You need cappuccino! And you need it served a gorgeous cup and saucer. (Yes, even the more macho among you could do with a little aesthetics from time to time.) So here you are.

Look at the elegant heart-shaped design in the steamed milk!
As you indulge in this creamy concoction, you may wish to recall the model wannabe poseur loseur who slunk into my old place of employment oh so many years ago.
Just make sure you don’t gulp it down as if it were the swill that your less fortunate co-workers are throwing down their gullets like so much bad medicine. Indulge it, and yourself. And when they rush by your desk with their crappy coffee in styrofoam cups that’s burning their hands, witness you luxuriously indulging in the finest of beverages in the most gorgeous of cups, and scoff at your elegance (jealous bitches, all of ’em!), offer them a hearty, passionate “È Venerdì!” (“It’s Friday!”).