27 October 2002
Dearest Readers:
Thank you all so very much for the lovely gifts and the surprise party yesterday! You really got me! The Four Seasons is absolutely exquisite, isn’t it?
Actually, the biggest surprise is that you knew what to get me at all! I mean, I don’t even have an Amazon Wish List! I suppose you knew, though, just from visiting my site so faithfully, that a $50,000 gift certificate to Banana Republic would make a perfect gift. But how did you know about Armani? (Please don’t worry. I think I can find something nice for $150,000!) And Tiffany? (I know someone who got something simply darling for $100,000, so there’s no need to apologize!)
Thanks, too, for the check. And thank you for demonstrating your elegance by presenting it to me without fanfare and in a size that will easily fit into my wallet. Usually when one is bestowed with a check of such a generous denomination, the presenters feel the need to blow it up to a size that is both unwieldy and cartoonishly embarrassing. I appreciate your discretion.
Once again, thank you for everything. You’re the bestest.