I hear ya, Shakira

I must confess that I am, as of this morning, in love with Shakira.
This morning I happened to see her video for “Objection (Tango)” on one of the TVs at the gym. My first reaction was, “Who is this bimbo-bombshell I’m going to have to hate?” So I actually pulled my headphones out of my CD player mid-“Aquarius” and plugged them into the little box on the stationary bike so I could hear what the ass-shakin’ chick on the screen sounded like.
“Surely this mama’s a-shakin’ and a-shimmyin’ because she can’t sing to save her life,” I thought.
But hey, I was wrong! (And I can say that without lapsing into “Jodzie” mode!)
So listen for yourself. And forgive me if this song has been out for, like, a month already and I’ve just “discovered” it. So I’m a little behind the times, all right?
I think I’m going to go out later and buy the eight-track!