In Celebration of “Hump Day”

Slow down. Forget about Hallowe’en for a minute; forget about the parties, the parade, the candy, and the fact that your kids may as well just wear feet-pajamas with a cheesy ol’ plastic mask tomorrow night given that no one’s going to see their costumes anyway underneath the puffy down parkas, mittens, scarves, and hats.
Just slow down. Breathe. Have you noticed? Today is Wednesday. “Hump Day” as some people insist on calling it. So celebrate with this elegant accessory, especially appropriate for the occasion!
P.S. Penny-pinchers: Amortize the cost! This delightful item can be worn with any Hallowe’en costume, for years to come.
P.S.S. Makes an excellent stocking-stuffer.
Thanks to the inimitable Mad Genius for the link!