It's all so very hush-hush!

I just received a fantastic offer via e-mail. Apparently the sender has an impressive inventory of “High Profile Domains for Sale!”. And here I thought all the good “.com”s were taken. Was I ever mistaken!
Just take a look at some of the gems he’s willing to surrender:

If this guy can proudly offer those, then I really should stop being so protective of the fine crop of domain names I recently acquired during a madcap late-night domain name buying bender. Here’s a partial listing of the beauties I’m willing to relinquish:

Once I make this offer available to the general public via a vigorous e-mail campaign, I anticipate a deluge of responses. However, I am offering all of you first dibs on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So please don’t hesitate. Act now! You won’t be sorry.