Today I walked down to Sperone Westwater, a gallery well off the beaten path, deep in the bowels of the Meatpacking District, to view the latest New York installment of Belgian artist Wim Delvoye. Delvoye, as you may recall, was responsible for the truly shitty (in only the most literal sense) “Cloaca” — a huge, hilarious representation of a digestive system that I saw at the New Museum in March.
Once again, he moved me to unabashed guffawing. This time, the hilarity came courtesy of “Gothic Works”, which included nine stained-glass windows combining erotic and medical X-ray imagery, X-ray photography, and bird houses. Because I know you’re more than just a little curious to see stained-glass images that incorporate schlongs and blow jobs, I’ve included a few photos here that I managed to surreptitiously take when the Pratt students (they arrived shortly after I did) and gallery staff weren’t looking. Look long and hard, and you’ll see what I saw.


My day also included, among other activities, a fantastic lunch al fresco; an upbeat conversation with an astonishingly attractive guy named Josh about his Wheaton Terrier, Oscar (the dog was even cuter); a few fabulous Banana Republic purchases; and this, which made me laugh just as much as, if not more than, Wim Delvoye’s work.
Ahhh, how I New York! (And whimsical dicksuckle art!)