Young killing Young

An eye for an eye.
A life for a tooth?
You’re only Young once, you little fucking bastards. For robbing this man of his life, I hope you grow old in prison.
At some point, however, I would like your daily outdoor recreation to include a baseball game and snow-shovelling. And when the other inmates are handed their bats and shovels, I hope they use them not in the manner for which they were intended but in the same way you used them on your victim.
You don’t need sense knocked into you. You need the life beaten out of you too. But not completely. I don’t want you to die as a result of the debilitating injuries you receive. I want you to live — crippled, beaten, maimed, and broken. I want every step you take to be so painful that it takes your breath away, and every breath you take to be so excruciating that you are reminded every day of the life and breath you so viciously beat out of someone else.