Choc Full o’ Fun

Dulce & Flabbonya
Yes, it’s that time again, gluttons. This weekend is the Fifth Annual Chocolate Show here in Manhattan. So circle it in chocolate on your chocalendar and get ready to choc ‘n’ roll.
Roll out of Metropolitan Pavilion, that is. Because you know you won’t leave without having sampled everything and bought chockablocks of choco goodness like there’s no chocomorrow. Like Hallowe’en wasn’t just three weeks ago and you haven’t had your fill.
But where else, really, are you going to see a dress made of chocolate (designed, perhaps, by Dulce & Flabbonya)? Or hear people proudly declaring themselves “chocoholics” (uggh)?
I, of course, will not go. The line is way too daunting, and I refuse to stand in line for almost anything, including chocolate. If I really must have chocolate, I’ll just indulge my craving at Fauchon or Teuscher. And you’ll know I’m truly desperate if you find me in the candy aisle at CVS or Duane Reade, trying to calculate just how many KitKats it will take to make myself a nice little chocofrock.