Dog Daze

We’ve taken Taxi out of “school” for a while, because, really, he’s so beyond finger-painting and construction paper artwork at this point. He’ll learn so much more with home-schooling, and I’ll benefit too by reprising my Miss Lawrence role. So, everybody wins! Except the “school”, of course, which will lose a huge chunk o’ money. Oh well.
So today I tried to play a little game of “catch” with him in the living room. Here’s what happened:

Me: Come on, Taxi! Let’s play!
He gets up from the corner by the front door and walks over to me.
Me: Let’s play ball! Come on!
I toss the ball in the general area of his head, which it bounces off of before thudding to the floor. Taxi doesn’t move. Or flinch. I retrieve the ball.
Me: Come on, baby! Catch! Good boy!
I toss the ball more toward his mouth. It bounces off his nose.
Me: Good boy!
I toss the ball a few more times. He does not flinch. He walks back to his corner and plops down.
Me: Good boy!
I walk down the hallway toward my “office”.
Taxi: Asshole.
Shana: Really.