What’s in Store

I have been entertaining a fabulous houseguest since yesterday afternoon. Because this is New York, and this is New York During The Holidays, and he’s one of my best friends ever, I’ve gone along with his desire to do semi-touristy things. This afternoon, for instance, he insisted on pulling me into FAO Schwarz. (Yes, it’s the toy store in “Big”, and no, there’s no “t” in “Schwarz”.)
I’ve been in FAO Schwarz many times, but have never felt the wonder and awe that I know I’m expected/supposed to feel. I haven’t wished I were four years old again or had my very own four-year-old. And I never stumble out of there wishing I had a few thousand extra dollars to plunk down on a motorized child-size sportscar, a life-size stuffed lion, or everything ever created that contains the delirious cherubic smile of Thomas the fucking Train.
However, one part of a display actually did catch my eye on the way out of the store, and since it actually made me laugh when I was dreading the walk home down Fifth Avenue, I thought I would share it with you here. Because after all, isn’t that what The Holidays are all about? I mean, other than wasting spending way too much money on time with overpriced, mass-produced garbage beloved family and friends?
Tomorrow: Santa’s lap!