Back … and better’n ever!

Guess what?
I’m fine!
Hooo boy, yeah. I am soooo fiiiiine. Yeeeaaahhhh.
Well, yeah, you know that, yes you do, if you know me in real life or have been lucky enough to have seen a photographic representation of me as I appear in real life. But what I really mean is that I am no longer sick. Sure, I have vestiges of a cough and my spleen’s still acting a little, well, “kooky” (that was the professional diagnosis), but that’s nothing a little -ectomy can’t fix.
And now, having said that, I’m outta here.
“Hey, that’s my line!” (That was the spleen talking. It’s actually kind of sad if you hear it in person. Or out of person. But, sadder still, once it’s removed … its voice will be silenced.)
Note: In case you’re not familiar with the spleen’s location and function in the human body, you can find more information here. Don’t be daunted by the elaborate drawing.