As if the inane “Bloggies” aren’t putrid enough, one of my readers just sent me a “heads up” to alert me to yet another bloggery circle jerk a-gogo, found at This speaks to all (OK, not all, but quite a bit) that is wrong with the so-called BLOG COMMUNITY (also known as the “blogiverse” to the truly pathetic) in particular and people in general. I feel a hot mouthful of bile making its way up my throat.
Although it’s not purported to be a popularity contest — indeed, the list owner describes it as “a resource designed to help people find high-quality blogs” — anything that has a “Top 100” and affords people the ability to vote can’t help but be construed as such, especially in the blog-world, where people really seem to get off on numbers in great numbers.
Yay! It’s high school all over again! This is one class I’ll definitely be cutting.
What’s next? A blog prom? (Duckie, where are you???)
Thanks, dear reader, for the heads up … about people who clearly have theirs up their own asses.
P.S. Ordinarily I don’t acknowledge things bloggy and don’t get b(l)ogged down by the bullshit attendant to them, but this time I just couldn’t resist.