This afternoon I realized with horror that I made a huge blunder in an entry that I wrote last week. Thankfully, I was on my deathbed at the time of the writing, so I can use that as an excuse. I mean, when someone is one little blip away from a complete flatline, she’s not exactly up to her usual brilliance.
The error was in the entry entitled “Still Ill … and Lovin’ It!”. There, I mentioned the popular ’70s situation comedy “Three’s Company”. I used “Snow” as Janet’s last name rather than “Wood”. And as everyone in the universe knows, “Snow” was Chrissy’s last name!
I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Thank you for your time.
Note: I also apologize for the way the archived entry’s formatting looks stupid. If anyone can tell me how to get my individual (and monthly!) archives to appear as they do on the main page, I’d appreciate it. I did check the Movable Type forums, but it was too daunting. All that tech-talk. My head is too pretty and too little for that kind of hooha.