Last night I stayed up to watch “Late Night With David Letterman” so I could see Topher Grace from “That ’70s Show”. He’s got that awkward/cute/slightly dorky way about him that I just adore. I confess that I also wanted to see Simon Cowell (yes, the mean/truthful British guy from “American Idol”). It was like taking something from Column A and something from Column B. I like a little balance.
The third guest was Vienna Teng. Instantly I thought, “What? Are they bringing on a crisp cookie to enjoy with a hot pot of tea?” I wasn’t going to stay up, but thought it would be “rude” to not give Vienna Teng the courtesy of seeing what she/he/it was.
Well, I found out. And I have never been so happy someone wasn’t a cookie, crisp or otherwise.
She’s simply glorious. Go here to listen for yourself. I’m ordinarly not instantly enchanted with most music that I hear, especially “pretty” stuff sung by girls/women, but this …
… more delicious than a cookie.