Let It Be(d)

Good morning. This entry is best read while sipping chai.
Sometimes amid all the usual searches that lead the less original of “surfers” to this fabulous website (the ever-popular “camel toe” is always a winner, hands down [your pants]), there lies a delightful little gem. It’s as thrilling as cracking open a fortune cookie and finding two fortunes instead of one, or an egg and finding two yolks.
This morning, for instance, I found this one. (Don’t worry. You can click on it without offending whoever it is in your office that checks up on the sites you visit when you’re supposed to be working on important memoranda for submission to the person I hope you don’t call “the bossman”.) The search string itself is ridiculous enough in its original form, but even more asinine is Google’s polite “Did you mean?” suggestion. As if the success of this search hinges on the substitution of the suggested word.
Caveat: You may want to be careful, though, if you do choose to do a search based on Google’s suggestion. I mean, the word “bed” can lead to all sorts of sexy stuff! And sexy stuff is bad. Very bad indeed.
P.S. Speaking of very bad stuff, if the people in your office don’t give a fuck about what you look at on the internet, I suggest you check this out. Beds are often involved. (See, I can be just as suggestive as Google!)