Ms. Robinsonberg

Last night, on my very own GroupBoard, where I invite visitors to “Make something pretty for Mommy!” (I believe in corralling the maverick artistic spirit, after all), someone actually lurked there, waiting for a little action.
The person was typing “hello” and “anyone there?” into the drawing area rather than into the box reserved for chat. I don’t remember the exact words of the exchange (it was just too brilliant), but it went something like this: (The visitor was “Dilk”, or something like that, and I was “Anon_something”, which is my real name.)

Anon_12: hello?
Dilk: hi
Anon_12: hello
Dilk: 15/m/texas
Anon_12: Oh god no. Please don’t start that. Take it to an AOL chatroom or something.
Dilk: what?
Anon_12: I’m old enough to be your mother, Dilk. Don’t do that.
Dilk: oh
Anon_12: yes
Dilk: do you mind if i look at the saved drawings?
Anon_12: Go on. Look at them if you like.
Dilk: huh?
Anon_12: Certainly. I have no problem with that.
Dilk: i’ve had enough
Anon_12: Goodbye.

You know, the least he could’ve done was make Mommy something for her refrigerator. Or try (harder) to “make” her, for fuck’s sake.
Dilk, if you’re reading this, I suggest you rent a little movie called “The Graduate”. (It’s even better than “American Pie”!)
P.S. I just went back to the GroupBoard after sending this to “publish”, and there was “Dilk”, hangin’ out. (For the “record”, I’ve changed one of the consonants in his name to protect his innocence.) He asked “can I look at da piccys?” Dilk, honey, where were you when I was 15?
P.P.S. Last night I checked his IP, and he’s not someone I know.