You know how, at the end of some movies, just before the credits start to roll, there are flashes of each of the characters and at the bottom of the screen, we’re treated to a brief update as to what will happen to them after the movie’s over? Like, it will tell us that the quirky hairdresser (the one chewing the gum) eventually escaped from the tacky perm parlor on the wrong side of town and went on to open her own salon on Rodeo Drive and became stylist to the stars, or the ugly girl (she’d be the one in the glasses) wound up owning her own modeling agency where she refused to hire skinny girls and the entire universe stood up and applauded?
And you know how these little updates are never funny? And how they’re actually kind of embarrassing and you wish the director or producer or whoever is in charge of doing this kind of stuff wouldn’t have done it because it just ruined what, up to that point, had been a hilarious teen comedy?
Well, I just wish I would’ve remembered that when I watched “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”, because I’d rather remember Phoebe Cates’ coming-out-of-the-pool scene without the taint of the post-story captions.
That’s all.
Enjoy your Sunday evening. When you hear the “Sixty Minutes” clock ticking, that’s just as much of a sign that your fun-time is over as the movie updates are.
Let the cringing begin!