Ball Game


One of the “perks” of being an important celebrity is getting free tickets to all sorts of shows and events. Today, on my way home from Pilates (yes! you know you love when I mention Pilates!), a big shot friend called and invited me to join him for a matinee of the Broadway show “Take Me Out” at the Walter Kerr Theatre. Of course, I went, and had a gay old time (in addition to the traditional yabbadabbadoo time). I wasn’t dressed for the theatre, but hey, even in my casual ensemble, I had the matinee crowd beat by a mile. It’s appalling, really, the way people dress. Don’t tourists know that fanny packs and sneakers are just not acceptable?
So, anyway, I’ll be brief about the play. It was … ehhh. Most of the performances were subpar and couldn’t hide behind the considerable amount of full frontal nudity (in an all-male cast!). One person of note, however &#151 if only for his relative recognizability (even though I didn’t realize it was he until I got home) — was David Eigenberg, who showed us that even though on “Sex and the City” he may only have one ball (for those of you who don’t watch, Steve, his character, had testicular cancer), he clearly came to this game more fully equipped. Go, team!
I could write more about how matinee performances seem to be largely “phoned in” and how people shouldn’t really chow, during the show, on the two-pound Hershey’s bars they just bought at the Hershey store (corner of 48th and Broadway). Or chew gum. But I won’t.
For once, I didn’t let that stuff bother me too much. And I had a ball.