Esto me jode

Yeah yeah yeah, we all know how annoying it is to have a song stuck in our head — “IIIII’m saaaai-ling a-way …” — and how we pretend we’re just joking when we say it’s driving us crazy, but we really want to bludgeon anyone and anything related to that song, including those hilarious few people in the office who, days after we think we’re finally over the song, remind us of it by purposely singing it in our presence or asking us if it’s out of our head yet. Yeah yeah yeah. As some people (whom I’d also like to bludgeon) are fond of saying, “Been there, done that.”
But how about when we can’t get other words out of our head? Am I the only one who can’t get a seventh grade Spanish dialogue out of her head to save her vida?
On the cab ride home tonight (I will not tell you where I was, but rest assured it involved stars brighter than the lights they stood under!), all of a sudden, without warning or fanfare or provocation, the following popped into my head:

¿Está Susana en casa?
Sí, está con una chiquita linda.
¿Donde están? ¿En la sala?
No, en la cocina.

(No, I will not translate it for you. Even if you didn’t take Spanish in school, you should still know what it means. And if you don’t, head on over to AltaVista and type it in really fast and then hate yourself for not being able to figure it out on your own. Go on. You know you want/have to.)
And it’s not only lodged in my brain as obstinately as an elusive poppyseed trapped between my teeth, but doing so in a particularly cloying singsong tone, with all the exaggerated inflection of the tape on which I originally heard it almost 28 years ago (yes, in the womb, yes yes). And I’m not only silently reciting it to myself in Spanish, but in English as well.
I am never going to get to sleep now. Ne-ver. Which really really sucks, because estoy jodida.