Lies My Products Told Me – Part 1

Hi, I'm a moody bitch.

Product 1: Audiophase Portable Compact Disc Player with Ultimate Skip Protection (45sec+)
A raging disappointment. The package told me this product was ideal for use while running. Apparently “running” means “standing completely still in a state of catatonia while holding unit parallel to the floor and not breathing or blinking; also, please do not look at the unit while it is in operation because it is shy and easily embarrassed”.

But before anyone points out, “Well, look, it’s not exactly the highest-end portable compact disc player you could have stolen,” let me just say that this was my first experience with a low-end player. Ordinarily I buy supposedly more reliable brands and spend only the prettiest (bordering on downright gorgeous) of pennies on these things, but with the same dismal results.
But it is a nice shade of red and looks nice with my hair and black outfits. It is also pretty. And sometimes it deigns to do what it promises to do. Just like the person who uses it.