Nay, A Bore

So by now, of course, everyone knows that Mr. Rogers (he of the scarily antiseptic Neighborhood) is dead. And now we’re going to see and hear tributes to him, and maybe there will even be an increase in sales of skippy little sneakers and limp little cardigans. People will say stuff about how the world needs more people (“gentle souls”, they’ll say) like him. We should all learn a lesson from the way Fred Rogers lived his life, blah blah whatever blahhhhhhhhhhhh.
I never liked him very much. Never. He seemed like a “nice” fellow, but so what. “Nice” bores me. His show bored me. I didn’t like his puppets. (They, too, bored me.) And I don’t have to start acting like I did just because he’s left the neighborhood.
Have a nice day!