The Forbidden Forty-Eight

Ages and ages ago, I compiled two lists of words and phrases that repelled, repulsed, disgusted, or otherwise made me cringe audibly and/or bleed from the ears. The time has come to present another list, this time containing 48 less than sparkling gems.
As with all my other lists, this one is by no means complete. I know I always say that, but that’s because someone I barely know is bound to send me an email in which he doesn’t identify himself but just launches into a little discourse where he attempts to show me how clever he is by adding words to my list that I may have forgotten.
And now, without further ado, I present the next 48 words. Enjoy! (But do not avail yourselves of them in my presence, whether in person, via an instant messaging service, or email. And don’t think I’ll think you’re cute if you send me an email in which you demonstrate how you can use all of these words in one sentence.)

  1. anus
  2. flat (for apartment, used by Americans)
  3. The States (for USA, used by Americans)
  4. a whole nother
  5. hump
  6. pick [someone’s] brain
  7. rip [someone] a new one
  8. apeshit
  9. shits and giggles
  10. shit-eating grin
  11. keepin’ it real
  12. newbie
  13. “addy” (for address)
  14. snarky
  15. “a little birdie told me …”
  16. poop
  17. props (not the kind that are used in a play)
  18. hubby
  19. Dubya
  20. The Shrub
  21. coming of age
  22. poo
  23. hottie
  24. genitalia
  25. pecker
  26. scrotum
  27. scrotal sac
  28. sac
  29. rugrat
  30. munchkin
  31. warp speed
  32. hottie
  33. de rigueur
  34. puberty
  35. clot
  36. slacks
  37. moist
  38. chunk
  39. nipple
  40. crack (only when ass-related)
  41. wet dream
  42. spooge
  43. brain fart
  44. monkey love
  45. clusterfuck
  46. bling bling
  47. 24/7
  48. Anything Batman-related, i.e. “Holy [whatever], Batman” or “Same bat time, same bat channel”