Yum ‘n’ Dumb

Indian food?  Yes, please!  Why, it's even quite reasonable!
Why Yum? Well, just look at it. LOOK at it, damn it! Whatever the Indian words are for “lip-smackin’ good”, that’s what this was. Although I don’t smack my lips. (That’s disgusting.)
Why Dumb? Well, because the guy who delivered it didn’t have change. So either I gave him $30.00, thus yielding a $1.50 tip, or $40.00, thus yielding an $11.50 tip. And while I did appreciate his delivering me this fine food on a cold ‘n’ snowy evening, I didn’t appreciate what I have lovingly come to know as the old “I don’t have change” ploy. Sorry, but you can’t pull the papadum over my eyes, my good man.