Cut It Out

There’s nothing more hideous and unnecessary than a body part that’s singled out for exhibition. Especially when the body part is one that, even in context with the rest of the body, isn’t exactly the most stunning.
Just because the Frederick’s of Hollywood in your local mall sells bras with strategically placed cut-outs doesn’t mean you have to buy them. And just because stores on lower Broadway sell $10 shirts that have notches that display their wearers’ pupiks doesn’t mean they have to be worn. These, of course, are only two of many examples/offenders.
Here is one more:

Oh god, please, no.  Don't do this to me.
The one on the left showcases the big toe by way of actually hiding it, thus making the excluded toes look even more hideous than they ordinarily are, and the other (sorry for the less than fantastic foto) takes that idea and reverses it, singling out the big toe and secluding the rest.
Most people’s toes shouldn’t be seen in public anyway, but these shoes … my god, I have to sit down and fan myself. Pass the ginger ale, please, and hand me a Saltine. I feel faint.
Say what you will about learning to love your own body, but really, nips ‘n’ pups ‘n’ toes really look better when they’re surrounded by the rest of their neighboring body parts. Don’t embarrass them by forcing them to tap dance in the spotlight they really don’t deserve.
Note: If you really must have these shoes, you can find them at Otto Tootsi Plohound. You will find a lot of decent stuff, too, though. But remember: You will pay more. This is not Payless. Please.