Hear This

I’m already “over” these “audio blogs” that are littering so many people’s sites. Uggh. So now instead of just reading minutiae, we’re listening to it too?
“Hi. I have nothing to say … uhhm … I just ate a bowl of frosted mini-wheats. I like the way they are frosted on one side and not on the other. It’s like two cereals in one. And … uhmmm … I have a headache. And I am going to buy pants today. OK, that’s all. Bye.”
What’s next? Is AltaVista going to supply a voice translation/dubbing service to accommodate this trend? Will deaf people click on the icon and be directed to a special page where the important message will automatically be “signed” for them?
To this audio blog thing I say this (but only in writing; no mp3 or signing necessary): Feh. Kaka.