Lies My Products Told Me – Part 2

Product 2: Euro-Pro “the Shark”
Turbo Hand Vacuum
(600 watt turbo suction)

Sure it’s cute and sleek and silver, and even looks a little like a scary shark if you remove the attachment and view it from slightly below — but that’s where the truth ends and the lies begin.

Euro-Pro, your product sucks. But not the way it’s supposed to.
What a full-blown disappointment this thing must be for the hapless fellows out there who like to indulge in the occasional romance with a vacuum cleaner. Not to mention those of us who can’t be bothered to actually lift our bowling balls, 16-pound or otherwise, without the aid of outside resources.
I thought I’d finally found a way to transport Shana in a more efficient manner, but alas, I was disappointed on that count as well.
(And oh yeah, it don’t pick up dirt too good or nothin’ neither.)

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