Colin Power

Don’t worry. This is not a political post. Please.
This has nothing to do with our country and everything to do with Colin Farrell, the actor who has girls everywhere (and boys too) swooning with his special blend of Irish swagger and his inability to keep “it” in his pants.
Two minutes ago, on “Live With Regis and Kelly”, Mr. Farrell, who right now is regarded as “the shit”, said he has does not have “the shingles” (in response to a question about David Letterman [who, you have to know, recently had shingles], on whose show he appeared, I think) or “the shits”. (I am, of course, tempted to say something hilarious about the near-homophone — Colin and colon — but I will refrain.)
I was all set to hate him. And frankly I’m not entirely too fond of the term “the shits”. But I have to like him, just a little bit, for saying it during a morning talk show. Hurrah!
I also have to like him because he’s really cute. But that’s another story.
Back to the show.