Quite a haul!
The world is a wacky place. One minute you’re walking down the street, whistling a tune you can’t quite place because you think you may have made it up in a dream or something, puzzling over the same philosophical dilemma that’s been nagging at you for quite some time — If I find something on the sidewalk, such as litter, and pick it up, am I considered a litterer if I decide I don’t want the item for my personal collection and then return it to the sidewalk? Is there a time limit within which I must make my decision; something along the lines of the ‘rule’ whereby I am allowed to eat something that falls on the floor only if it has been there for less than, say, ten seconds? — and the next thing you know, you are confronted with a situation that may force you to make a decision. And quick.
Thankfully, however, the cat postcard (“CAT”, drawing, 2000, © Maria Sochaniewicz) amused me enough that I didn’t have to answer that question. I was, thus, off the hook.
And the dollar bill, well, need I say more than a pointed, “Duh”? Of course, I could have presented it with a flourish to the guy in the dirty army pants and dirty mustache sitting on a crate with a sign and cup that both suggested I make a donation, but I didn’t. I need coffee too, after all.
Same goes for the dime, which I found on the stairs in my building. “See on the steps a grimy dime; pick it up and make it mine!”
And to think: somewhere, someone is weeping!