OK, so I’m posting this quickly because you never know when my hosting company (whom I will not malign … publicly) is going to conk out again and I’m going to wind up screaming so loudly that even those of you in OHIO (ahem) will be able to hear me.
Apparently the hard drive on which my hosting company saved my stuff malfunctioned, and they restored stuff from a two day old backup. Unfortunately, I had not backed up my Movable Type entries yet this week, and I don’t have copies saved in a word processing program, so I’m fucked in that regard.
From now on, I type my entries NOT into the Movable Type text box but into a word processing document.
Anyway, the posts I lost are these:

  1. Sunday: “Looking for …” — with a photo of a Mr. Goodbar, and text about items I’d recently found on the street
    Update, 11:13 p.m.: Restored — by magic!!! (Actually, it was by my personal assistant, Chad!)

  2. Monday: “Inside Out” — including photos of a white cat inside a shop and snowy treetops, with text about celebrating the April snow; “Crowe and Tell” (?) — saying how I don’t give a, uh, fig about him or his wedding; and “Pillow Talk” — where 10:00 p.m. writes me a tender love note begging me to come to bed
    Update, 5:09 p.m., 9 April 2003: Restored!!! (Thanks to my future wife, Allison!)

  3. Tuesday (today): “The Weather, Oh My God, the Weather” — where I say ‘basta’ to all the talk about the April snow; and “Two Truths, Part 2” &#151 including two images, one of the color teal and one of a hideous clown figurine

I think that’s it. If you can think of anything else I wrote here since Sunday, please let me know. Thanks!
And now I will go before I start publicly maligning. I will now resume privately whining to anyone who will listen.