Making headway

You know how sometimes you’ll just be sitting around, not doing much of anything of significance, and all of a sudden you go to, like, push up your sleeve or something, and you notice there’s a big bruise on your arm or a cut or some other evidence of an injury that you had no idea you’d suffered? Well, today I went to brush my hair away from my face and noticed that my head, from the nose up, was completely gone. Luckily I can “touch type”, so I can report the news to you.
But still, if I had hair to brush away from my face, it must be connected to something, right? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that those dreams that I frequently have — the dreams where I have a very full mustache that is just incidental to and not the focus of the dream — finally manifested themselves in a real life scenario.
This, however, will take some getting used to.
(At least I’m wearing pants and don’t have to perform in a play for which I’ve completely forgotten all of my lines. So that’s good.)