My Alibi

Oh, the glamour!

Please let this entry serve as evidence of my not being anyplace where anything stupid or sophomorically scandalous is going on this Saturday evening, 12 April 2003.
Shannen Doherty keeps accusing me of being places I wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near and trying to edge in on whatever glossy lobotomy victim she’s currently madly in love with. None of it is true. Too bad she’s not as good an actor as she is a liar, because then she wouldn’t be floundering around hosting some new schlock (I don’t have to see it to know it blows) on the Sci-Fi Channel.

So just for the record, in case Page Six or anyone else is wondering … I wasn’t there. You couldn’t pay me to be there. I’m here, with Gwynnie, having what we call our “Girls’ Night In”, and we’re just trying out new hairdos and the latest abs workout from Shape magazine. That’s all.