Primary Colors

How lovely, Yellow Shirt (school bus, Dixon Ticonderoga #2, taxi). Instead of breathing (that’s that thing with the inhaling and exhaling, in case you forgot) during your strenuous weightlifting session, chump, you decide to hold your breath, thus rendering your face a positively frightening ultra-saturated shade of red, the likes of which I have only seen on constipated infants struggling with all their might to make a kaka for mama.
How charming, that when you finally do breathe (unfortunately, as I was so hoping you would completely forget and put me out of your misery for good), you sound as if you are on the receiving end of a particularly skilled blow job that is on the verge of coming to fruition.
But maybe not quite. Because it would be so nifty if we could add blue into the primary color mix.
Color me disgusted!