Wash Out

Oh, I’m in such a lather!
I’ve found myself in such a conditioner!
Why oh why, when a shampoo has a companion conditioner, does the conditioner have to smell less fabulous than the shampoo? Why? Why, I ask you, why?
I believe in saving the best for last. Like with food. I want the last thing on my plate to be the best, the tastiest, the most mouth-watering, so when I finally eat it, its flavor will reign supreme over all others.
Is it too much to expect the same from my hair products?
It’s so dis-tressing!
P.S. Please stop pretending you’re appalled at my puns. Even people who groan and say they don’t like puns secretly like them. And those of you who insist you don’t like puns, well, I kindly suggest you return to C-SPAN and enjoy a satisfying mug of Postum.