Work It

On my way home last night (“Again, she was out and about? And on a school night? Wow!”), I passed a store that displayed, in its big plate glass window, “fantasy” clothing. One stunning piece that caught my attention, probably because it was fairly pulsing with white light, was a shiny white latex/vinyl nurse’s uniform, cut down to here and up to there.
“Oh, how original,” I thought. “A fetish version of a uniform worn by a health care professional!” I’m sure if I’d looked longer than the two seconds it took to absorb the uniform, I would have seen more, but, like the girl I am, I’d chosen style over substance in my own ensemble for the evening and the coat I was wearing was offering about as much warmth as the nurse’s uniform was offering elegance. So on my way, I went. (Oh, and yeah, there was a creepy guy staring with an inordinate amount of wonder and fascination at a motorized Easter bunny in the neighboring window, and I kinda wanted to avoid him too.)
So, anyway, that nurse’s uniform, and the idea of “fantasy” clothing, stuck with me for the rest of the cold walk home. I wondered why it is that fantasy/fetish outfits always have to do with certain professions, often those involving noble care-giving. Why is it that nurse’s outfits are so over-represented? And why is it that other professions are so woefully under-represented? What about, for instance, a ticket-taker at the local movie theater? Or an appliance salesman? What about an assembly-line worker? Or a paralegal?
Who’s to say that a Jones New York pantsuit, or Dress Barn floral frock complete with self-belt and lace inset, when translated into latex, couldn’t be outrageously hot?
Also, does it work the other way around? What if your fantasy person is someone whose line of work requires a fetish-type getup? What if, say, you really lust after a dominatrix? Because her uniform is, customarily, already latex and shiny (the two requirements for “sexy”, as we all know), wouldn’t it be reasonable to think that in order to turn it into a fetish, it would have to be presented in, say, 100% cotton (coton/algodon) or some other sensible fabric?
Does that work?
I suppose it doesn’t matter. Whatever works, works. And whatever outfit it works in — literally or figuratively — works.
Now get back to work.
And stop fantasizing about nurses.
And Easter bunnies.