A Fare Decision

Ten days after it went into effect, the fare hike, which increased the price of a subway or bus ride from $1.50 to $2.00, has been overturned. I prefer to take my own hikes anyway, rather than the subway or bus, but still, sometimes time restraints force me to give in and take public transportation. But just this afternoon I was telling a friend that I hadn’t ridden the subway since the price increase.
“It’s ridiculous.” I said. “They should just reverse that decision. I don’t want to pay an extra 50 cents, especially since the MTA was hiding all that money. It’s just the principle!”
A bit earlier this afternoon, I decided to walk directly from Chelsea to the Upper West Side to meet that same friend, and not to stop home to drop off my workout pants after the Pilates session I’d just completed.
“You never know,” I warned myself. “Something might happen to the pants you’re wearing, and you’ll need a backup.”
And then, on my way up to my apartment later this afternoon, I bent down to pick something up in the hallway, and the back of my pants just … shredded. (New pants bought just 16 days ago and worn a few times. Obviously defective. Not tight in the least, and, in fact, a bit loose. Banana Republic allowed me to exchange them.)
I tell you. Sometimes I scare myself.
But I’m not letting my prescience worry me. Tomorrow I’m going to celebrate by wearing my new new pants on the subway!