Before I go on my merry way today, I will leave you with three little thoughts. They contain no theme. There is no connection or common thread. The only thing these items share is that they are all floating around in my head, looking for an anchor.

  1. The next time I’m in a fancy schmancy restaurant with someone, I’m going to order the same thing as he does, and then ask the waitress for an extra plate so we can share. The look on her face will be worth the $2.00 surcharge.
  2. I don’t see what the big fuss is about children working in sweat shops. Don’t these kids know that there are starving children in the United States of America who don’t even have jobs?
  3. Ladies, when you go to the salon for a pedicure, please make sure that you wear pants and not a skirt or dress. It’s bad enough the pedicurist has to handle your scaly feet; she doesn’t have to be ambushed as well. (P.S. From where I sit, it is clear that your toenails aren’t the only things that need a substantial trim. Trim the trim, is all I’m sayin’.)

All right, I am outta here, guys and dolls. If you need me, I’ll be making a rare cameo appearance at Chelsea Piers.
Enjoy your morning, your chai, and, if you’re a temp, feel free to go through whoever’s desk you’re (wo)manning today and eat whatever you find. That’s what it’s there for. (And that’s what I’m here for. To tell you what to do.)