Face Off

Look at these guys. (They can’t even look at each other!) There’s handsome Alex on the left, all natty with his bowtie/ascot. And handsome Andy on the right, all dapper with his forelock. Handsome handsome handsome. But which one is more so?

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Face Off

Which Federal Reserve Note fella is more handsome, as he appears on his bill?
Alexander Hamilton ($10)
Andrew Jackson ($20)

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You will note, of course, that I have carefully distorted the serial numbers on these bills and added a little caveat on each. Just in case you were thinking of doing something zany.
You will also note that I am not telling you (at least not right away) which one of these fellas I fancy. I don’t want to sway your opinion. Because you know you’d pick the one I like, just to try to show me how much we have in common. (The last time someone tried to do that, she ordered chocolate cake for dessert even though she was allergic to chocolate [and cake], and she wound up dying. A pretty big price to pay just to impress me, don’t you agree?)
UPDATE (8 June 2003):  As of this date, the poll is “officially” closed. See here for details.