Humble Bee

Wow. Talk about a humbling experience.
Here I was, thinking I was really livin’ large (or as large as one petite flower can possibly live) because I’d scored above 10,000 in “Bubble Bees”, when I had to go and look at other players’ high scores. Turns out I am indeed living in a bubble, thinking I’m all high ‘n’ mighty ’cause my score sent me soaring into the big five-digit stratosphere. Turns out that I’m not the queen bee I fancied myself to be. Indeed, there are other players whose scores put mine — and thus, by extension ME! — to absolute shame. These hepcats are scoring big-time … in the supersonic, supersized, six-digit arena of true expertise and skill!
“Yeah, but my score is good for me,” I rationalized, gazing appreciatively at myself in the bathroom mirror. “I can’t compare myself to anyone else. I am Jodi, and they are melissa and bee catcher and pig ^^ rat. They are who they are, and I am who I am. We’re all unique and special in our own ways. I am terrific. I love ME for who I am!
“But still. [M]elissa and bee catcher and pig ^^ rat beat me. I hate them. Sure, they’ve probably been doing this stuff forever. They’re probably children who grew up doing this computer game thing. And here I come, raised on PONG by ATARI, for god’s sake. And what’s more, these kids have probably trained for this. Little bastards, with their pushy stage mothers. They’re probably all flabby and pasty and socially inept. With bad skin! And UGLY!
“Yes, so all of us have our special talents to contribute to the Universe … and I’ll bet melissa, she of the SHOW-OFFY score of 140,480, can’t tap dance the way I can. And I’ll make you a bet she can’t pilate to save her life!!!”
Just you wait, melissa. Someone’ll come along and topple you yet. It may not be me, but there’s some kid waiting in the wings to take your place. And then where will you be!?