I am sooo going to this exhibit!
How can I possibly not? You see, I’m titillated. Quite. Not only because of the name thing (my name’s Jodi, the exhibit’s being presented by an arts collaborative named JODI … see how titillating, and thus, by extrapolation, fun and funny that is?) but because of the whole series of events that led to my finding it.
See, what happened was I did a Google search for “Chelsea Peretti”, who made me guffaw shamelessly (as my guffaws tend to be) at Portable Comedy last night. One of those searches led to a BLOG of a friend of hers, and on that friend’s BLOG (yes, it is necessary for me to always type that word in ALL CAPS, just like JODI, the collaborative), a friend of hers commented … a comment that I liked and which prompted me to check out his email address, which contained information after the “@” that I, being the Nancy Jew that I have proven myself to be, deduced was the website corresponding to his (and, as it turns out, her!) place of business. And there, at, I found this stuff about the JODI exhibit, and learned that it’s located on West 21st Street in Chelsea … which is the first name of the guffaworthy girl I saw last night.
So there you have it. Another cyclical, Circle of Life-ical situation. It’s all so very cosmic or karmic or coincidental or something. In any event, I’m going to check it out next week, thus adding another side to that circle.
(But Jodi, you want to write, circles don’t have sides. Yes. Yes, I know. Now get back into your six-sided Skinner Box and go to sleep.)