Musical Note

Several months ago, I turned many people on (“What do you mean, ‘several months ago’?” you’re saying. “You’re turnin’ me on right now!”) to the gorgeous sound of Vienna Teng. Ms. Teng, who plays the piano and sings, is easy to appreciate.
Last Thursday, I turned myself on (go crazy with the imagery, boys) to the amazing music of Park Stickney, jazz harpist, who appeared at Trinity Church as part of its Concerts at One series. Prior to this performance, the mention of the word “harp” immediately conjured up visions of angels in white diaphonous gowns through which I could catch a glimpse of otherworldly creamy thighs and divine pert bosoms … And the music? All I ever really heard from a harp was a stroke or two.
But Mr. Stickney, quite cute in his own right, and wearing something more substantial than a white gown, changed all that (jazz). His music is simply heavenly. Listen to me, and listen to him sometime.