Organ Muse (Ick)

I don’t get why anyone would choose to eat liver, especially considering its function while still embedded in a live body. Why not, say, the perky pancreas? Or the snappy cecum? Why are they so woefully overlooked? I’d think that, topped with fried onions and served on a pretty plate, they’d be just as appealing as liver.
But for liver to get all the fame and fortune? For liver to steal the spotlight from the other organ meats that are probably just as deserving of attention? Well, that takes gall!*
*Yes, you are very observant. This is indeed a pun. But I assure you, dear critic, it is not my wurst.
Update (10:50 p.m.):  My dear friend MG has posted a fantastic recipe on his site in response to the overwhelming demand for alternative organ meat dishes generated by this entry. Check out his May 1 post entitled “Recipe of the Week” here. Scrumptious!