Solid Workout

On my way home from a workout and pedicure this morning (don’t hate me because I have The Life), I almost literally tripped over myself with excitement at the sight of this old-fashioned Exercycle. I took these photos with my digital Brownie camera and huge hand-held flash.
Oh how I love prehistoric exercise equipment. The bulk. The heft. The seriousness and total lack of anything ergonomic or comfortable. Note here, for instance, the absence of anything resembling a wheel, the too-high handlebars, and the obviously uncomfortable, hard, oversized metal seat fit to accommodate the soft, oversized, unfit seat of its rider. And take special note of the state of the art system affixed to the front, whereby the rider is instructed to ADJUST INDICATOR TO WEIGHT OF RIDER. I can almost see the rider, decked out in a light gray sweat suit and Converse sneakers, stumbling off this thing, red-faced, huffing and/or puffing, and heading directly for one of those contraptions with the belt that goes around the user’s hips to vibrate the flesh away.
Those were the days, my friend.