Spider-Man, Part 2

Ten days ago, all sorts of movie types were starting to set up a location for the filming of The Amazing Spider-Man. Three days of scrambling and much hoisting of laundry later, the live stage was set for whatever scene will probably take three seconds to view in the theater. All in all, the set-up was there for four days.
No, that’s not Toby McGuire swinging in mid-air in the upper right-hand shot. It’s a stuntman, suspended at the very top of the buildings, just hanging around.
Underwear was everywhere, but as far as I know, the Ladies in Waiting and Pretty Maidenforms All In A Row, in the bottom shots, never made it into the scene, and their only exposure was what they got as under(wire)studies. But they didn’t seem to mind hanging out with the rest of the gawkers (including me). If they couldn’t make it into the actual scene, just being seen was good enough.