4 Horrors and 1 Reward


  • At Equinox (in chronological order of offense):
    • Light brown sparse bush being patted dry quite lovingly by its smiling guardian.
    • Texas-sized buttocks the texture of tapioca pudding flecked with nibbly bits of cherry in the form of azzits (medical term created especially for this affliction).
    • Grayish-brown, ridged, opaque toenails deeply embedded in freshly-yogatized male feet.
  • On the street known as Broadway:
    • Hershey’s Kiss-like N&A (the corresponding words rhyme with “quipples” and “zareolae”, respectively) dancing spritefully, underneath an extremely sweaty unlined white bra-top, in do-si-do unison with breezily bouncing bosoms.


  • These, in black. Sensibility … on sale (in store)!

* for surviving such a vicious visual assault