At Home With the Author

Pretty even when no one's lookin'!

Uhh, hello. You’re here again? Well, all right. I suppose it’s fine with me if you pop by several times a day like a stalker, hoping I’ll post something inspirational or at least include a photo of my lunch.
But the truth is, Obsessos, my lunch plans fell through. It was my hope to thrill you with mouth-watering, full-color photographic evidence of yet another epicurean adventure. And although the lunch I prepared for myself (tempeh with mixed vegetablism) was quite good, it wasn’t nearly pretty enough to memorialize digitally. Sorry, but all that “it’s what’s inside that counts” stuff doesn’t cut it here.
So today, you’re just stuck with an artist’s rendering of the author in her casual finery. I would post a photo of the banana I enjoyed earlier, but it’s inside me now, where it counts.